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Safe Sleep for Infants

Every year in Hawai’i, an average of 14 infants die due to unsafe sleep.

Safe sleep is making sure you provide a safe environment and engage in routines that ensure the safety of your infant while they sleep.

A Safe Sleep Guide for Parents is a poster that includes information on how to safely sleep your infants. The Parent Line distributes the hard copies of the Safe Sleep guides and can be mailed to you for FREE! We also have the Safe Sleep guide in 11 other languages that are listed below. If you click on any of the languages, they are available for download. In addition to our posters, we also offer FREE educational virtual parenting workshops monthly (via Zoom) on how to practice sleeping your infants safely and more. See below for our Safe Sleep flyer. To order hard copies of A Safe Sleep Guide for Parents in English or our other languages, for Safe Sleep workshop information, and for any other questions and/or support, please live chat with us or call The Parent Line (808) 526-1222 or 1-800-816-1222 (toll-free).

AAP 2022 Safe Sleep Recommendations

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