Service for Everyone

The Parent Line serves anyone with concerns about parenting:

  • Expectant parents & Parents
    of children
  • Grandparents and other caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Child care & Health care providers
  • Social workers & Home visitors
  • Mental health specialists
  • Other professionals

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The Parent Line is a free Statewide confidential telephone line.  We are Hawaii’s premier resource on child behavior, child development, parenting, caregiver support, and community resources.  Our experienced phone line staff will help you problem-solve parenting challenges and child and adolescent behavior.

Call us With your Questions! Available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm & Saturday 9am-1pm.  The Parent Line is here to answer any questions regarding behavior and development of children, family concerns and links to community resources. Oahu residents call 526-1222 and Neighbor Island residents please call 1-800-816-1222.

Resource Directory

The Parent Line publishes a statewide listing of community resources for parents. Please click here for printer
friendly version.

Crisis Services
Parent Education and Family Support
Health, Nutrition and Family Planning
Child Care, Preschool and Play Activities
Specific Concerns
Services for Military Families
Immigrant & Refugee Services
Internet Resources


A Happy Start

Please click here for more information on kindergarten readiness.

The Parent Line Baby Guide

The Parent Line publishes a guidebook for new parents with answers to questions and concerns about their newborn .
Please click here for 0-36 month guidebook.

Newborn–1 month 2–3 months

Additional Months
4–5 months           6 months
7 months        8 months
9 months       10 months
11–12 months  13–15 months
16–18 months  19–21 months
22–24 months   25–30 months
31–36 months

Community Resources

The Parent Line provides information on community resources such as:

  • Parenting Classes
  • Support Groups
  • Play Groups
  • Social Services
  • Breastfeeding Resources
  • Developmental Evaluations

Call us to receive more information on
these community resources.


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